TooSmart! Publishing offers the best chord and and fingering charts in the industry. Every chart has large, clear illustrations of the instruments along with the proper fingerings and the standard notation for every note or chord.
These charts are designed to look great on your music displays
and still fit inside most instrument cases!

  • Are 12 inches tall & TRI-FOLDED to be clearly displayed
  • Open to 13 INCHES WIDE x 12 INCHES TALL making them very easy to read
  • Can be folded closed making them only 4 1/2 inches wide
  • You can fit 2 TITLES SIDE-BY-SIDE in any standard book rack or display
  • Are for an UNBEATABLE PRICE of just $3.95
  • Are LAMINATED & SCORED so they look great and are extremely durable
  • Are USER FRIENDLY for both individual use and classroom use
  • Have NUMBERED ILLUSTRATIONS for easy reference in a class or lesson
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